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I was able to restore wifi by looking at what devices were connected to my router. Whatever I changed made the CP4 connect to the router and it was assigned a different IP address.

Thanks, everyone!

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You can connect the CP4 to a WiFi router via Ethernet and connect to the CP4 from your PC over wireless to the router.
All of the CP4's ports are active by default and only the WiFi can be turned off.  That means you can connect to the CP4 via either serial interface, USB, Ethernet and WiFi, all at the same time.  So if you have accidentally shut off WiFi you can use Serial, USB or Ethernet to turn it back on.  Unfortunately the serial and USB interfaces don't support the web pages so it is a bit more complicated unless you are using the Ethernet connection.
I suspect that AP might eventually have a PC utility that will allow a user to access and modify all of the CP4 settings using Serial or USB.
It might be a cool feature to add to APCC and/or the AP driver.
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I was actually reading over the manual, if you can believe that, and am unclear about that LAN connection. I can install a LAN card and have a second computer connection or I can connect to the switch I have in the observatory. Make any difference which one?





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You can connect via Ethernet directly from PC to CP4 and access the internal CP4 webpage.  From there you can change wifi settings.



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I was trying to configure my CP4 for wifi and some how I disabled wifi altogether. When I started I was able to see the CP4 in my available networks, but no longer. I tried connecting using and port 23 but I can't connect. I using Win10 in case that is useful information. I also tested my network connectivity and its functioning normally.

Is there a way to reset the CP wifi settings? Can I connect via ethernet without purchasing any additional software or hardware to check the wifi setting on the CP4 homepage?




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