Re: APV2 vs the SkyX driver?

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Dean, I ran my AP900GTO CP2 with TSX and used the ASCOM v2 driver per advice from the gang at AP. I had NO problem using Pulseguide to guide without a cable. It all worked very well. 


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Hi All,


I have been using the APV2 driver for a while with Sky6 and am now moving over SkyX.  Have had lots of star fade issues with Maxim and my lodestar so will try the camera add on.  I use CCD Auto Pilot for my imaging sessions. 


My question is, what am I gaining by using the ascom AP driver vs the SkyX driver?  I am just wanting to uncomplicated things and if I can get X to give me all I need to run the mount it should do that.    I don’t use any of the APV2 features anyways since I am automated so again not sure what it does for me more than X?  Or am I but just not aware of it?   I still may need it to connect to Pempro although not sure.


I think the main reason I wanted to use it originally was to guide thru the mount and not use a guide cable.  Not sure if I could still do that with SkyX and pulse guide but going back to a guide cable would be ok if I need to.


I understand if I ever go with APCC I need it but have no plans at the moment.


Thanks for any comments, or suggestions on switching to SkyX from Sky6.





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