Re: CP4, Ethernet, MiniPC won't connect

Christopher Erickson

If you have a point-to-point Ethernet connection between the Mini-PC and the CP4 without any intervening routers, switches or hubs then I would be tempted to set static IP configurations on each device.  Also make sure that the IP network configured for that two-node setup is on a unique subnet that does not overlap with any of your other connected IP networks.  Otherwise your Mini-PC would be confused as to which network port to use to get to a particular IP address.
Also make sure to use a crossover Ethernet cable.  Some devices have auto-switching Ethernet ports but others do not.  It could be that Neither the CP4 or the Mini-PC have an auto-switching port.  I am pretty-sure that the CP4 does not have an auto-switching Ethernet port.
Also lock the MINI-PC's Ethernet mode to 100 full or half duplex.  It is possible that the two devices are not able to auto-negotiate Ethernet mode with each other when they are both normally expecting that they are talking with an Ethernet switch or hub port and not directly with another network node device.
Let me know if this helps.
Christopher Erickson
Consulting Engineer
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My home network consists of a Netgear Nighthawk AC2300 X4 R7500 router.  The headless MiniPC is wirelessly connected to the router with internet access.  

In addition, the MiniPC is broadcasting it's own access point using Connectify.  This is what I use to remote in to the miniPC.  

The CP4 Ethernet is set to "Server".

In the windows "Network and Sharing Center" there are 3 connections listed, (Wifi on home network, another wireless connection for Connectify, and Ethernet).  The Ethernet connection is listed as "Unidentified Network (public)."  

I wouldn't think that any of the above would matter since the CP4 is directly connected to the MiniPC via Ethernet.  Probably the next test I should do is hook up a monitor and disable all the wireless networks and just have the Ethernet connection present.  But as far as I can tell all the settings are the same across my computers (desktop, laptop, miniPC).

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