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Stuart Heggie <stuart.j.heggie@...>

Joe, Kent, ... I just wanted to report that as of now I have had a LAN connection of TV 11 running from a 32-bit W7 machine to a 32-bit XP Home machine for about 3 days without interruption. Weird.


On Thu, May 5, 2016 at 2:46 AM, 'Joseph Zeglinski' J.Zeglinski@... [ap-gto] <ap-gto@...> wrote:

    Before posting this thread about the TC-11 timeout, I went back to TV –10 and TV-9, and all three (free) versions have the same “random” timeout. By any chance was your TV-10 a “paid” Commercial version, which of course, doesn’t have the timer set for 3 hours? Seems Stuart and I are seeing the same problem – as are very many others on the web, if you Google “TeamViewer disconnects”
    Yesterday, in pursuing this issue with TeamViewer’s Tech Support, they suggested trying to UNCHECK  the option in “Advanced Network Settings ... Use UDP (Recommended)” in the Extras-Options-Advanced. Well, the first run timed out in the first few minutes. But, the second session, continued to run for hours. After the 3-hour (free) time limit had passed, I decided to move the optional Timeout slider from 8 hours (max), back down to “OFF”  (No timeout) ... and the strange thing is that it was still running just fine after 10.5 hours – when I finally decided to stop the session, as it was then obvious that it was going to run forever. Somehow the “non-UDP network” option, seemed to confuse TV-11 to ignore the built-in kill switch , for Home users. That, at first, seemed like an enticing bonus for not using UDP, so I will continue with it, as it gives fewer random session disconnects. Hopefully TeamViewer will eventually discover the cause, after so many versions of their software.
    Then I switched to another host laptop, expecting this was perhaps a quirk using  Win-XP on the host laptop,  but the same thing happened on a Win-10 host laptop – Session aborted after a few minutes, and the rerun session bombed out after 1 hour 52 minutes, far short of the built-in 3-hour limit.
    My tests are currently indoors, with the option set to “Accept LAN” connections – so there is no chance of ISP modem blips or internet traffic jams. However, I suspect TV still uses its internet link – perhaps for monitoring, even as it is running a session with the in-house LAN, ... and the two laptops just 10 inches apart on the table !
    TeamViewer session – using any Home User version -  is unpredictable.
When it runs, its great, but when it randomly disconnects, its a royal pain. Still, it is useful, since you can login again. I find it takes 7 to 8 minutes before it accepts a re-login ... while it says it is “Trying to reconnect”. But, if you just CLOSE the session window, you can login again ...  in just a few seconds. I find I might as well do that, since it has “never” managed to reconnect on its own, no matter how hard it is trying. I thought it was a Windows Security issue – not allowing it to login – but XP didn’t have security, and as the host (scope system) PC, it too still failed the same way.

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