Re: OFF TOPIC - remote PC & TeamViewer Home Use version - Times out

Joe Zeglinski

Hi (dvj),
    That’s interesting – I wonder why TeamViewer sometimes “forgets” that it is running the FREE version - limited to 3 hour connection before forcing a disconnect. I think that has also happened to me, once or twice. I think the first run after install doesn’t setup the 3 hour cut-off, in its parameters,  until that initial session has ended.
    Please see (below) the email I received from TeamViewer confirming this whole issue of how long a free session keeps its connection.
**** From TeamViewer *****
Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you very much for your message.

The   FREE version   of TeamViewer has a   “three-hour limit”    on its connections.
This means each session will be disconnected after three hours. However you can always establish a new connection again immediately afterwards.

Please note that  “LICENSED versions”  of TeamViewer do NOT have any time limit on their connections.
If you have a need for unlimited connections, please consider purchasing a license. We will be happy to discuss our licensing options with you and give you a personalized quotation.

If you have any further questions about TeamViewer, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,

Ryan Zhang
TeamViewer Pty Ltd *
Asia Pacific Headquarters, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA

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