Re: OFF TOPIC - remote PC & TeamViewer Home Use version - Times out

John Gleason

I have been using the Teamviewer free version for about 3 years with few disconnection problems.  That's remote from California to Australia. Where in Australia we have a less than optimal connections via satellite. (A possum once chewed though a connection). TV hardly ever drops out compared to Logmein which wants to drop about every 2 to 3 hours or so.  Sometimes LMI drops frequently. I will fine TV fully functional in those cases. We are sometimes limited by bandpass, so if I run at maximum screen resolutions to look at fine data, both TV and LMI will kick out pretty quickly. Mainly just monitor at lowest color res after initial setup. 

 No experience with the others, but much I think depends on the connection and the service at the remote PC in my personal experience.  Neither TV or LMI has any problem when managing the PC at the telescope in my backyard.


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