Re: slewing sound level

Jeffrey D. Gortatowsky <mrrockets@...>


I ditched a message that had the exact same tone as yours. After rereading
the original I realized whomever it was posting (grayfox65?) was trying to
get way more precision than I currently need. I mean it was _great_ to get
all this information, and I did file it away, but I was thinking to myself:

"Hello! I just want to slew and have the object in the FOV of
31mm Terminagler, not a 2.5mm LV with a 5x PowerMate! :^D
Can't I do a quick two star alignment and start observing?
maybe refine the mount's error by using a synchronize

However reading the entire message again I see that is exactly the case. So
I trashed the email. I think we are talking about two different criteria for
pointing accuracy here. Me thinks grayfox65 wants to put it on a CCD chip or
somptin' like that. Or I could just be out in left field.

Clear skies,

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Maybe I need to read more about using the AP software,
but, having to make a number of passes between Polaris
and another star to polar align seems like a lot of work if
you are not trying to take long exposure astro photos.


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