slewing sound level

Rich N. <rnapo@...>

Last weekend was the first time I tried slewing
my AP 900GTO mount. I was a little surprised
at the noise level when slewing at 1200 and 900.
A friend was using his 1200GTO the same night
and it gave virtually the same sound on the 1200
setting. It made me wonder long the gears and
motors would last slewing like that. I'm sure it
will hold up well.

I didn't try any lower settings. Maybe they are quite
a bit quieter? Sorry to say the Nexstar 5s and 8s
are quieter. Although I'm sure they are not as
accurate or as rugged as the AP mounts.

Maybe I need to read more about using the AP software,
but, having to make a number of passes between Polaris
and another star to polar align seems like a lot of work if
you are not trying to take long exposure astro photos.


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