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Christopher Go

Hi Greg,

I'm curious, how did you get it to install on an AP mount.  Bruce told me that they did not have an adapter for AP mounts yet.


At 09:16 PM 4/12/2016, you wrote:

I got a PoleMaster at NEAF. Tried it out tonight. It's fantastic! Doubt if it took more than 5 minutes. I didn't run PEMPro or PHD2 afterward to check how well it did, but based on the screen images presented by PoleMaster I'd guess my alignment was significantly improved. I attached the camera to the dovetail on my Planewave scope. It's very easy to attach and very easy to use. PEMPro is an excellent program for drift alignment but PoleMaster is far far easier to use. Don't know if it will really make a difference in my images since I always use guiding, but I highly recommend checking it out.


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