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Christopher Erickson

Personally I have a Coronado 40mm filter set, a Daystar Quark, a mess of Orion glass filters and a roll of Baader visual film.
The Coronado gives the best solar views, followed by the Quark, followed by the glass filters and the film in last place.
I have tried a wedge but do not own one.  It seemed about on-par with the glass filters to me.

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I'd suggest as a (cheaper) still-quite-good alternative:

Two versions: one for visual, one for photography...

The wedges are a bit better, but... be aware of the potential problem of backfocus with the wedges... check your system's focus distances before buying... ;-)

Don't go for glass filters...


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A Herschel Wedge! Baader or Lunt. I've used them on my AP scopes with great success.  The solar load on a quality refractor is no problem so long as the scope has front lens elements only.  You'll get unbelievable views with your 160 and a wedge. Make sure to get a 2" model and to use additional ND filters for visual. The Baader comes as a kit with everything you need. 

Of course you can only use a wedge with a refractor!


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Curious as to what solar filters folks have found to be good...I was thinking of a Thousand Oaks glass filter for the 160 EDF...anyone have one for use with this scope...what size fits properly...?


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