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Echoing Marj's point. If you're going to drive with TSX and the T-Point Add-On, it will give you the same quick adjust directions for the Mach1 as it does for the MyT. So that point should be a wash. I use TSX and T-Point with both my Paramount ME and my AP900GTO and it gives me super fast advice on polar alignment for both mounts.


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You can also use T-Point with the Mach1.


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Hi Suresh,


I used both mounts for a couple of months now to decide which one to use long-term. I am not 100% final decided by lean towards the MyT.


Here are my reasons (I don't claim at all that these are scientifically proven, it's just my impression and experience):



  • feels a little more sturdy then the MyT
  • polar alignment with Rapas is a breeze - but not as accurate as the MyT
  • polar alignment mechanics are very accurate (no backlash, screws are easy to turn)
  • initial, rough altitude alignment is super fast (don't have to turn the screw all the way up)
  • I'm only doing imaging, so I'm not using the great handcontroller at all
  • the eagle pier is much more sturdy then the MyT pier (I plan to make an adapter plate for it and use it with the MyT)


  • polar alignment with T-Point is pretty quick and VERY accurate
  • there is a little bit of backlash in the Azimuth polar alignment and it's more difficult to turn the screw then the Mach1
  • T-Point feels much more mature then APCC (UI and features). I leave my scope outside a lot and can do a quick realignment in the evening with T-Point
  • the joystick-handcontroller is GREAT for quickly slewing somewhere (and I don't need the built-in computer as I always use the mount through a computer)
  • the wormgears aren't sealed but are more protected then the wormgears of the Mach1 - I had some dust accumulated when I took the Mach1 into a dusty, windy place
  • the through-the mount cabling and the versa-plate (with several cables already through the mount) of the MyT is great - I didn't need to route any cable myself

I think this is everything. The good news is that both mounts are REALLY good - there isn't a wrong choice. As I said, I'll probably stick with the MyT mount (on top of the AP Eagle pier) and sell the Mach1.


Happy to answer more questions or provide more detail.




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LOL, its a AP group, why even ask?  Get the Mach1, cant go wrong for portable use.
If he is comfortable with computer control, don't get the hand paddle with the mount.


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Dear friends ,
My friend is in a dilemma between getting one of these two mounts for astrophotography . Like me he will have to go to a dark site every session. He is unable to decide . I'm sure In our group there are owners of both mounts as well . For me I love the hand controller , but he s used to EQMOD and laptop . He s used to Phd for polar aligning . He s got two weeks to decide . I know both are good mounts and myt has a lot of electronics . He will be based in india . Kindly guide me accordingly which I will convey to him,


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