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Christopher, Dean, hope you don't mind me piling on here. I'm like Dean, running remotely. Can't see a ton of use for Wireless or USB vs. Serial that I have now. CP2 btw.

Christopher, I'm confused by your comment about absolute encoder input. Neither Dean's 1200 nor my 900 have encoders. Is the CP4 really only a huge benefit to 1100 and 1600 owners?


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Just my opinion but the absolute encoder input combined with the digital
input for limit switches and such is a big deal. Not to mention the ARM
Cortex M3 processor. The CP4 has horsepower to burn for an amazing amount
of future development and features and the processor in the CP3 has probably
just about reached the limits of its capacity.

And I would be surprised if there was much more significant development that
is going to be done on the CP3 firmware, other than bug squashing.

But the CP3 is a solid, stable and robust piece of kit and there will be a
lot of them out there loyally chugging away for years and years to come.

Christopher Erickson
Consulting Engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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I have a remote site with cp3 running apcc. My tracking for guiding hasn't
rarely 0.5 error with 1400mm decal length.

Is there any main advantage to move to a cp4. Usb is not and neither

Since pre-sale date expires before the projected release date, is this
returnable if it has major initial issues, I don't want to be dead if there
are big issues. Note I might be wrong when pre-sale dated expires but I get
nervous when a new system hits the market. Been down this road before.

Will this worked exactly the same on a 1200 compared to q600

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