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Sounds like your clutch knob was not fully engaged. Try tightening it up a
bit, especially if you have a heavier load.
Marjorie Christen

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I'm using my new AP600E (one star polar alignment mode) at 1200X
moving from Sirius to Polaris. Works okay then moving back to Sirius
the scope stops moving in Dec about half way back although motor(s)
still actively working. Scope just sits there and motors complete
their run. Did this twice after I unplugged everything and started
over. (Heart failure I tell you!)

The red light on the panel stays red and doesn't go yellow to
indicate overload (latest missive from AP) and scope balance
seems okay. I then added a small counterweight to front of OTA to
it slightly "front heavy" and everything works okay.

Night before same procedure worked fine (without additional weight).
Mind you this is a portable setup and I do take it down after each
observing session. I try to get the balance perfect each time but one
never knows do one?

Waiting for a reply from AP. In the meantime - hints anyone?

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