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Konstantin, thanks. I was warned of this and was prepared to use the cable. I didn't see any degradation of my guiding but it wasn't a controlled experiment. Very possibly my stars would have been tighter with the cable and relays vs. pulse guide. I appreciate the "guidance" since I haven't upgraded the controller (yet). 


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there is one important thing you have to consider. You have a GTOCP2 and this control box is not so good for pulse guiding as the newer GTOCP3 and 4! It can happen that your configuration will not be able to do as small corrections over the serial cable as with the guiding cable. 


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Thanks Stuart,
    I have been trying to figure out how to eliminate that STL relay cable, for years. Guess I have to use PulseGuide to do it?   
I think I will now give PulseGuide another look – anything to eliminate that darned extra guider cable.
    So, Ray  ...  if much of what is in PG is now part of the improved ASCOM V2 driver, does that mean that ASCOM V2 “itself” can also be configured to control the mount by a guider, without the need of extra relay cables – in particular an STL-11000 or RGH camera? Or, could that option be dependent on the imaging software, and not a capability with using CCDOPS or CCDSOFT?
Unless, of course,  the problem lies within the SBIG driver “itself” ... not being a real ASCOM driver. I really would appreciate some info on what I need to setup in V2 to accomplish this, without using PulseGuide.

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