Re: Strange big misalignment in SkyX


That could be (the battery) but we've been warned repeatedly that we can't mix TSX and the hand controller. If your last slew with the hand controller was to something other than what TSX had last slewed to, and you don't have TSX via ASCOM updating the CP controller, I think you'd get what you described. In other words, the hand controller is slewing from the last position IT sent the mount to, it doesn't know what TSX told it to do. I think. 

Best to leave the hand controller out of it if you're using TSX. I used Closed Loop Slew and then RCAL to tighten up my pointing. Never the hand controller.


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I had something like this happen to me last night.  I un-parked my AP900GTO, then told it to go to M 42 with the keypad (which was right in front of me) and it started to slew to something behind me and below me.  I stopped the slew but then found I could not do working go-tos either with the hand controller (even after a sync) or software (Sky Tools).  If I used the hand controller to manually slew near M42 a go-to to M42 had the mount going way off again.  Everything worked fine a month ago.  I have more sleuthing to do, but some AP site reading lead me to one additional possibility: that the 7-year-old battery in my hand controller is past its 5-year, normal lifespan.  This can lead to corruption of the objects (but not stars) database.  See:


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