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Mike C

I have thought about putting limits on my AP1200.  I found that I could sense the position of a strong magnet placed inside my AP1200 rotating base (right through the mount wall) with a hall effect sensor right along side it. I need to take another look for opportune fasteners to mount sensors on. The winning solution would require no permanent mods to the mount.

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Would it be possible to retrofit-equip home/limit switch capability on 900/1200 mounts upgraded with the CP-4 utilizing possibly some type of magnetic reed or optical switch affixed to the RA & Dec axis?

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The limit/home switch inputs for the GTOCP4 will be available initially for 3600 mounts with this option. They will need a new cable.


We plan to make this option available for 1100 and 1600 mounts later this year. We will provide information at that time.


We do not have hardware home and limit switches for the Mach1. However, we do have a new upcoming software home/limits feature in APCC that we plan to release soon that can be used with all AP mounts that can use APCC. We have been so busy preparing for the GTOCP4 that we have not quite finished the documentation, but is will be coming soon.


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Hi Roland et al @ AP

I have a question regarding CP-4 - it has home switch inputs. How it is intended to operate? Will I have an AP driver / ASCOM accessible "home now" command which would slew the mount to the known ALT-AZ coordinates, than use time and site info to calculate correct RA/DEC and get the CP-4 drive synced back to the sky? Will the mount be auto-homed after power up? Will the home coordinates be set by the user or by factory only?

Second question - how will the limit/home switches be implemented? Will there be retrofit kits offered to exisiting mounts? When and at what price?

I have just teared down Mach-1 from my balcony observatory and now I am considering moving it to a remote site. And the decision is to keep my Mach-1 or sell it and get Software Bisque mount with hardware homing capability.

BTW AP1100 is still my workhouse in my back garden RoR obs.


Pawel Lancucki

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