Re: CP4 - Focuser Control Depricated?


I’m sorry, the reticle jack is gone, as well.


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I am going to assume the answer to your question is "No". I didn't have any use for the Focus connection but I did for the Reticle jack. I plugged my guiding eyepiece LED illuminator into it for drift aligning. I guess it is gone as well.

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I don't see a focuser jack on the new CP4 and there is no mention of it on the A-P CP4 web pages.  I may be the only one that used that function (I have a CP3 and a CP2 on my mounts now) but it was a handy and inexpensive way to accomplish remote focus control from my laptop.  For a moving-primary focus on a SCT, it was good enough for me to use a JMI MotoFocus motor on a FeatherTouch Micro focuser.  I could adjust focus through the A-P keypad when I was at the scope as well as from TheSkyX and CCDSoft when operating remotely.  It was far less than perfect but a lot better than running back and forth (in and out of the house) between the scope and the laptop to adjust focus when imaging.

Can the CP4 do focus control in any way?  Does the focus button on the FOCUS button on the A-P keypad do anything when connected to a CP4?  Send out a "focuser move" message perhaps?

I don't miss the RETICLE or +6V jacks.  They seem to be gone too.



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