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Hi Roland et al @ AP

I have a question regarding CP-4 - it has home switch inputs. How it is intended to operate? Will I have an AP driver / ASCOM accessible "home now" command which would slew the mount to the known ALT-AZ coordinates, than use time and site info to calculate correct RA/DEC and get the CP-4 drive synced back to the sky? Will the mount be auto-homed after power up? Will the home coordinates be set by the user or by factory only?

Second question - how will the limit/home switches be implemented? Will there be retrofit kits offered to exisiting mounts? When and at what price?

I have just teared down Mach-1 from my balcony observatory and now I am considering moving it to a remote site. And the decision is to keep my Mach-1 or sell it and get Software Bisque mount with hardware homing capability.

BTW AP1100 is still my workhouse in my back garden RoR obs.


Pawel Lancucki

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