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One word concerning USB to serial adapters : 

There are mainly 2 available brands on the mass market:

- FTDI as mentionned : the FTDI create a single COM port instance for the adapter. i.e. if you change the adapter from an USB socket from another, the COM port number remains unchanged. If you have 2 adapters in the system, each of them will have its own COM port number, whatever the USB socket is used.

- Prolific : the prolific driver will create an COM port instance for each of the USB socket you will use -> use always the same USB socket, otherwise you would have to change the COM number in the AP/ascom driver

-> so the FTDI is a little bit more friendly for non fixed setup at least. (You don't need to remember which USB socket should be used)

Unfortunately, there are some cheap copies of thoses chips also, I got one prolific copy and it was unstable.


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Hi Vince,

You are welcome.
I forgot to mention that you can download the 900 GTO User Manual from the Astro-Physics website.


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Hi Richard,
Many thanks for the information. I am used to work with ASCOM so I think I will be OK with the information you gave me.

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