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Richard Moore

Hi Vince,

I do not know how much experience you have so this might be too simplistic.

To get started only controlling the mount:

   1.  Laptop with a LOT of memory....  You will wish you had the memory when your system gets more sophisticated.

   2.  Load your astronomy software:
         a.  A planetarium program to see where the mount is pointing and to command the mount to Go To a selected object.
                    1. "Cartes du Ciel" Freeware. But not as intuitive as others.  See:  "" 
              or  2. "The Sky X"  Expensive but it will do everything; control mount, camera, filter wheel, focuser, autoguide, etc.
                                  You will need the PRO version for it to be able to talk to your other astronomy programs.
                                        See:  ""
              or  3.  Look on the web for "astronomy planetarium program  "

         b.  "ASCOM PLATFORM" So your programs do not need to have built in drivers for the myriad devices they could control.
                                         See:  ""  Download Platform and any DOT NET files required.

         c.  "AP V2 ASCOM Driver"  See: ""   Click on "AP V2 ASCOM Driver" on list on left side.
                                          On the Driver page that appears, click on link near top "Ray Gralak's ASCOM driver page".
                                          Under Quick Links, click on link "AstroPhysics V2 Setup v5.07.02" to download.

   3.  Get a USB to Serial Converter.  Be sure it has a FTDI chip inside.  Cheap Chinese converters are nothing but trouble.

   4.  Get a Straight-through Serial Cable.  Read about the different types of Serial Cables on the Astro-Physics web site.
                          Products > Serial / USB Mount to Computer Connectivity Products
         If there is going to be less than 15 feet between your mount and your laptop, buy the one on that page.
         If you want your laptop to be up to 100 feet away from your mount, ask Astro-Physics where to find a long one.

   5.  Connect  one end of the Serial Cable to your USB Converter and the other end to the top DB-9 connector on your
             CP3 Control Box.t

   6.  Plug the USB Connector of your USB to Serial Converter into a USB Oort on your laptop.



On 2/27/2016 01:24, salfranc@... [ap-gto] wrote:

Hi, U

I  have just manage to get a second hand AP 900 gto3 and I know absolutely nothing about  this mount.

I would like to connect it to a laptop and i am wondering what bits of equipment I need to do it.

Thank you.molunt to


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