Two mounts, one computer?

Mike Shade

I have a 1600 as the main mount in the observatory.  Run with the ASCOM driver/The Sky, I think on COM3 (via serial card).  Is the automated system, run with ACP for imaging.  I start The Sky>telescope>establish and this will connect the computer and starts the ASCOM driver.  I also have my older 1200GTO in a corner of the observatory, want to use that for some planetary imaging.  question, how do I switch between these mounts with the SAME computer (which is networked into the house)?  In other words I have to move the 1600 with the driver (from its park position, needed to open roof), then turn the tracking off then connect to the 1200.  The 1200 will of course be on another COM port but on the Same computer.  I cannot switch the serial cables between the two mounts (plug the one for one mount into another mount).


So, how do I do this?  Do I need to install another version of the ASCOM driver, configured for the 1200 and its COM port?  What about The Sky, which is good for control with its interface.  A whole second version of The Sky with a separate version of the ASCOM driver just for the 1200?


Anyone done this, or know how this may be accomplished?


It is a Windows 7 based system.




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