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Ron, you'll probably get this response from lots of folks. The power connector has a split pin in it that sometimes needs to be gently spread with a screwdriver to ensure solid connection. If the mount loses power from this connector becoming loose, you can get a dramatic slew and the mount can get lost.


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

On more than one occasion I have had to leave the comfort of my rec room and go outside to investigate some unknown issue with my Mach 1. I then discover that the hand controller is asking me to enter my location number. The physical position of the scope is sometimes not anywhere close to where it should be and in all cases will not properly slew to the next target..
At that point I have no choice but to perform a star sync to get the mount to "recover its brains".

I use an AC to DC power converter. I suspect that the end of the power cable that plugs into the CP3 controller momentarily loses contact, power drops and then comes back giving me the "enter location" screen.

Is my assumption close to correct and if so what can I do to make the DC connector more secure and less likely to cause this issue. (I have already replaced the cable with an AP replacement). Is there a non-AP cable that is more robust?


Ron K

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