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dan kowall

+1 for the car wax.
Whenever I buy a new mount (including my AP mounts) I separate the easily removable parts and apply a good quality car wax.
I like the carnuba waxes. They're a bit more work but I believe that they protect longer.
Not only are you waxing when the surface is pristine but it's a great way to get acquainted with your mount and appreciate the quality of its construction.

dan kowall


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Apply car wax or wipe
with DW40. Stainless steel will have small inclusions which
can rust, but these are easily cleaned off.





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There has been a discussion recently on the group
about the need to cover/protect the AP mount from the
elements.  I have my AP1600 in a domed observatory for the
last 10 months.  I cover the scope/mounts with beach towels
for dust and then place a large desert storm cover
(purchased for a 20" Dob) over the towels.  I had to
slit the cover to allow it to drape over the system and I
use Velcro straps to attempt to close up the slit.  In
addition I have a shop light with a 25 watt bulb right
behind the counterweights figuring that the slight heat
generated will rise into the desert storm cover and help
keep everything dry.  This works fairly well in doing

However I have noticed that the counterweights are
showing very small rust pitting.  This is probably due to
them being machined from 416 stainless instead of 316,  The
counterweight shaft must be 316SS as it is not showing the
rust pitting like
the counterweights.

Which leads to my question - what, if anything, can be
applied to the counterweights to stop further rust

Yours truly,

Jack Huerkamp

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