Abell Catalogue and things

Chris Spratt

I notice that the there are 2715 Abell galaxies listed in the GOTO
Keypad listings for my 600E mount. (Not all the Abell objects are
covered). Is there a "master" list of these somewhere as I don't want
to have to scroll down the entire list and write it out to see what
is there.

Also, the keypad's (600E Goto) manual binding is a wee bit poor as
the pages are already separating after only 2 weeks. I haven't used
it that much either! (Especially not in the damp outside.) Anyone
else noticed this? The poor binding that is.

And - On choosing stars for polar alignment it is recommended in the
600E Goto Keypad manual that one doesn't use Arcturus as it is close
to Polaris in RA. As Polaris is at 2 hours and Arcturus is closer to
14-15 why is this too close? Aldebaran on the other hand is close -
under the recommended + or - 4 hours. Misprint perhaps?

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