on the topic of field flatteners

Mike Shade

I want to put a field flattener on a 130 6.3 Gran Tourismo.  So I was thinking the following components:


67PF562 reducer-the image sensor needs to be 3.4" from the rear mounting flange +/- .10"

A1260 adapter-.47"



I know AP makes specific DSLR adapters apparently none until March.


My question is, will the A1260 adapter allow the use of 2.7" extension tubes (of which I have numerous having had RC scopes that used them for proper back focus)?  This adapter threads into the reducer on one side and presents the female threads on the other for 2.7" extensions?


I already have an ADA2003 and this would be for Nikon D750 DSLR that already has a 2" nosepiece and T-ring.


So what I would need to add are extension tubes to achieve the 3.4" distance if I am looking at this right.


My main question is about the A1260 adapter if it will work, the exploded diagram on the AP website suggests that it will, just not sure how it attaches to the reducer.




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