Planning for CP4 upgrade

Rob Hawley

I am interested in the CP4 upgrade once it is available.  Here are some questions on some issues I have thought of.

1. The CP3 is currently loaded with the factory PEM.  Since this is a property of the mount and not the CP3 I assume the old PEM would work.  But since I have an 1100AE I am wondering if this is even an issue at all.  The answer to question 50324

Why would you bother to create a PEM curve? The encoders take care of PE. No need to do anything.

leads me to believe that it is not an issue.

2. Similarly I am about to rebuild the pointing model using APCC Pro.  I assume since the pointing model is controlled by APCC switching out the CP3 should not change it. Correct?

3. Will I still need a separate serial port to control the absolute encoders or will that now be integrated into APCC?

Rob Hawley

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