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Thanks Joe, yes, I knew that, no worries, it's just the way I type/think, that's all. Whenever considering FTDI you must ensure you have the one with the FTDI chip, that's quite right. JUST the FTDI chip!


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    Just to clarify ... FTDI is a USB processor CHIP manufacturer – they do NOT make the actual end product devices -  with terrific support for their customers (hardware developers), and in passing, us too.
Meanwhile, KEYSPAN is a series of  specific “FTDI chip implemented” USB-serial converter “products”. manufactured by Tripp Lite.
    There are other manufacturers, such as STARTECH,  who also make such devices, and choose to use the FTDI chips. Then again, some others make the same, in fact identical looking USB-Serial converter, implemented with “either” the FTDI chip (good), or the competitor, PROLIFIC chip (terrible).
    The bad news is that when you read the back of the package in the store, most companies don’t inform you of which chip is used inside.
    So, consider your statement,  to “change both ports to FTDI instead of KEYSPAN”.
FTDI Corp. makes the converter chips, not the converter devices.
Joe Z.
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Thanks you guys, appreciated.

I'll get back with a solution if/when it appears. I might just change both ports to FTDI instead of Keyspan.




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