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IRS!!! REFUND!!! Yikes, that'll be the day when I give 'em 1 cent more
I absolutely, positively have to ahead of time (my Scottish ancestors
be spinning in their graves at the mere though of it)!
I'm with you Paul! I owe. Big time. No penalty, but I owe. But that money
was in the market the last 12 months and has bought my 400GTO. I think I
will name my mount 'Cisco'. Whatd'ya think? Has nice ring to it... <grin>

BTW: Just to keep this slightly on topic, Marj, if you see this, that 130EDT
focuser with the old pinion block is on it's way. Do think I can have it
back by RTMC at the end of May? Please!! :)

Clear skies,
Jeff "whose observing session was hazed out tonight" G

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