AP 1100 and 1600 extra tools.

BigE Astro

I just wanted to pass this along.  I saw this in another post and thought it deserved a little more support.  In setting up my AP 1600, I found the following tool extremely convenient.  I use it to untighten and tighten things up just about everywhere on the mount where it is needed.  AP supplies a good set of Allen wrenches, but for this common size bolt, the boltdriver really works better.  You may want to get the smaller shank version but this one works really well for me.  

Bondhus 3710 Extra Long 3/16" Ball End Screwdriver with ProGuard Finish (New).

It is about $8 on Amazon. 

I also used the level for daytime alignment and it works great.  Finally I see that the digital angle measurement device is good as a poor mans rotator.

Are there any other useful tools people have around the base of the mount?


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