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LOVE IT Bob! Nice shot!!!


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Hi All,


This is a fairly wide-field image, just short of 10 hours, of the Tarantula Nebula against the background of the LMC. I was surprised at the extent of dust visible from a distance of 160,000 light-years.  At full res, many of the hollowed-out HII swirls resemble the Rosette nebula, with star clusters buried in their cores.


Imaged in January, 2015 at Daniel Verschatse’s Hacienda Los Andes, near Cerro Tololo in Chile, with my FSQ-85 and QSI583wsg and Lodestar on Daniel’s Mach 1.  After many distractions and delays, finally processed now as an LHaRGB.  Click on the image for medium-res, and the X icon in the upper right corner of that one for full-res.


Comments and suggestions always welcome. Thanks for looking,



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