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Steve Reilly



Very nice image with a great deal of detail. Smoothing is a bit strong for my taste. Which process did you use for smoothing/noise reduction? Sometimes I’ll take my image into PS and create a separate layer and use a mask to just apply the noise reduction. This can also be done in PI. Make a star mask and try using it both inverted and not to see what is being reduced. This is a great image though.





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Hi all,
Been a long time since I posted here. Been way too busy getting used to
retirement and getting set up at Sierra Remote Observatory. Also
spending lots of time learning PixInsight. This image is one of my first
where I mostly used PixInsight for processing. I also used Photoshop for
some levels tweaking and getting it ready for the web. While I like the
overall look and think it is a pretty picture, I am a bit worried that I
may have gone to far on the noise reduction, maybe it is too smooth. You
will have to look at the full size version to see what I mean. I would
be very interested in comments (I have a very thick skin).

Let me know what you all think:


Tom C

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