Re: Tracking difficulties

Thomas Haugh

I am still struggling with aligning my new 1600.  So, I purchased a RAPAS and installed.  I aligned the mount using the instructions included and spent the first night just verifying Polaris' path.  It followed the arc between the 2010 and 2020 reticle rings all night long.

I took that to mean the alignment was good enough to proceed with the GTO quick star drift alignment procedure.  As the sky darkened the second night I verified Polaris was still in between the 2010 and 2020 reticle rings.

Betelgeuse was at an hour angle of -45 minutes so I slewed to it. The star was in my 30mm eyepiece FOV. I centered the star and changed to a crosshair eyepiece.  Following the instructions I centered the star on the crosshairs and re-calibrated.  I then used the RA/DEC/REV menu to change the meridian to <1E>.

The instructions say to press the RA/DEC/REV button to return to the objects menu.  Pressing the button does not return  to the objects menu.  It stays on the RA/DEC/REV menu.

I pressed Menu to return to the star information display and pressed GOTO again. The screen changed to the object menu and I selected Betelges and pressed GOTO.  The mount swapped sides.

Betelgeuse was not in the FOV of either eyepieces and indeed it was not in the FOV of my 7x50 finder.  Looking at the scope, it was pointed in the close proximity to Bellatrix.  

Is it possible for Polaris to follow the arc so closely and for so long and still be that far off in alignment?

I corrected the meridian and chose Betelges again, the mount swapped sides and the star was still visible in the crosshair eyepiece.

I noticed that Betelgeuse and Bellatrix were adjacent in the star list so I tried the procedure several times to make sure I was selecting the correct star after changing the meridian delay.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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