Great night with Traveller and 400 GOTO

thefamily90 Phillips

I escaped to a nearby island and set up my traveller and 400 GOTO
mount last night. My polar alignment was done quickly so that my first
object, M13, was at the edge of the FOV of a 27mm Panoptic. Rather
than go back and realign I just used the recal button on the Keypad
(Button 9 I think). Wow! By the end of an evening of observing
beautiful doubles in Bootes and Hercules I was able to move from one
double to the next with a Zeiss 6mm eyepiece in and the new double
would be in the FOV! Now that's really nice.
Epsilon Bootes was the treat of the evening. The Traveller provided
beautiful crisp images. Stars were sharp round discs with faint
surrounding diffraction rings, Just exquisite. The primary was
yellowish with an impressive looking blue secondary. The view was good
using the 6mm Zeiss (105X), better with the 4mm (158X) and even better
with the 6mm plus 2x barlow (210X). Great evening!


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