Re: Expand the group?

Ray Gralak <ray@...>

Hi Derek,

I like the idea of a separate AP list as well. I would
like to be added to that mailing list when it comes about.


-Ray Gralak

First, I would like to welcome all of our new
members--sorry, but I
haven't had time to send you individual e-mails.

There has been substantial interest in a general AP
e-group, analogous

As an interim solution, I think we should do the following:

Make an additional AP e-group (call it ap for now).

Invite everyone on this ap-gto list to subscribe--this
would be easy.
You do NOT need to accept the invitation.

We can then see if it is worth it to continue two groups
or merge them.

For now, I see a need for two groups:

Someone with a Meade SCT on a 900 GTO does not need to
hear about other
AP products. Conversely, someone with an AP 130 EDF on a
G-11 mount may
not need to hear the latest about DigitalSkyVoice. Of
course, many will
want to join both lists. Then we can see how things go...

Thanks for listening to my blatherings, and comments are welcome.


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