Re: New ASCOM Driver v5.08.03 (Beta) and updated help file/documentation

Yves Laroche

Hi Ray,

When changing the controller field to GTO CP4 I've gotten a Run-time error
380. I needed to delete the settings.apdb file to regain my old values from
the ap.ini file. If I set the controller parameter in the ap.ini file to a
value of 3 (2 equal to GTO CP3) and delete again the settings.apdb file, I
got the same error result.




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Hello all,

I am announcing the availability of 5.08.03 driver with updated

This is a BETA version because there are a couple of significant changes. If
you want to try it:

1) you need to first uninstall the old version of the driver because the new
installer puts the driver in a different directory.

2) in order to try to increase robustness and common properties which APCC
the settings are now moved into a database file.

3) the extra programs (ApJog, ApTimer, etc.) are now built against .Net 4.0
so there shouldn't be a dependence on .Net 3.5 anymore.

Download links are here:

Updated documentation is included in the new driver and can also be found
online here:

If you use it please report any bugs on this forum.


-Ray Gralak
Author of APCC (Astro-Physics Command Center):
Author of PEMPro:
Author of Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM Driver:
Author of PulseGuide:
Author of Sigma:

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