1200 issues?

Mike Shade

Not quite sure what happened last night.  ACP was running along and then all of a sudden stopped (times are UTC).  It has been running with the same hardware/software for months, it had run portions of the observing run prior to this flop, I did get some data.  This is what the log file says from ACP:



07:29:16 [Source: ACP]

07:29:16 [Overflow]

07:29:16 [This is not an ACP problem]

07:29:16 **Script Error**


What makes me wonder about the mount is that it continued to track on its merry way and when I went out to the observatory this morning, it was tracking almost into the ground.  I moved it with the direction controls in the ASCOM driver to its approximate park position-it moved fine (I use a custom park position, one I have set in the driver).  I then told it to park via the driver, here is where its gets weird, it moved to the park position but in the driver window said "parking" as it does but it said this for several minutes, more or less and never parked (it will usually park and say parking for about 10 seconds and then park).  I hit park again and the mount decided to slew off in a different and wrong direction and I had to stop it.  I finally had to move it with the driver controls to its park position and unplug the silly thing.  I have rebooted the computer as well.


This could not be some odd "park problem" which I thought only was an issue for "park 1" could it?  The handpad is not plugged in.


Ideas?  I'm sure Ray will want to see the driver log, which I can supply this evening when I get home from work.


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