Re: Tracking difficulties

Thomas Haugh


1. The PEM is off.  I attempted a PEMPRO run.  The Y axis values appear as expected.  The X values within seconds, run off the top of the graph.  X values quickly exceed 90.

2. The trailing is only E-W.

3. I am limited to a fairly narrow FOV.  So all my observing is pretty much zenith +/- 35 degrees.

I am concerned with your statement about 30 second unguided exposures being trailed.  I was routinely able to get untrailed 30 second unguided exposures from the mount I am upgrading from.  I couldn't do 60, but 30 was no problem.  Did I just happen to hit the right mis-alignment to accomplish that?  This was using the same telescope/camera/rings/dovetail that is on the 1600 now.  Others on this board praise 5 minute unguided exposures.  Does it take the encoder system to accomplish that?

No argument here, I'm just trying to understand what I am seeing.

Thanks for the quick reply.

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