Re: Park 1 anomaly in all mounts


A Trumpler list would be good.


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It would be cool if it were possible for some more object catalogs to be added to the hand controller.  Possibly even easily-editable satellite, comet and asteroid catalogs.
Or maybe those will have to wait for a newer and more-powerful Linux-based hand controller.
I know these are big wish list items but maybe we'll never get it if we don't at least ask!
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We are working on adding new park positions, however Park 5 will be added in a future build to be released after we fix the present bug. So please be patient. the future release will have other goodies in it, including Park5.
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Well and what about adding a user defined "park 5" position to the keypad if a revision of firmware is underway now? User would set scope in desired park position and indicate it as "park 5" which would be stored inside keypad. Similar to how AP V.2 driver works.

I know this can be done by driver and in most cases I exactly use this function of the driver (automated imaging and parking at the end of the run), but sometimes there are visitors who I show some objects using keypad, and it would be useful to park the scope in the same position using keypad.


Pawel Lancucki

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