New 16oo, questions...

Mike Shade

Received my new 1600 (and we have had a week of clouds/rain/snow in Southern Arizona!) and finally got around to looking at the documentation.  A few questions.


As I am upgrading from my second 1200GTO, I am familiar with AP mounts.  Also, my current 1200 is permanently installed I very seldom use the handpad (other than when I check collimation and need to make small movements to center a star in the scope), it is not plugged in.  I have a custom park position set through the ASCOM driver, I DO NOT use any of the predefined park positions.


So with a new 1600, the documentation offers that I need to check the gear mesh.  The documentation offers to use PARK 1 and PARK3.  I glanced at some of the discussions about there being a problem with one of the PARK positions but didn't really pay attention as don't use them...


Questions below come from reading the instructions dated 10/24/14


-Procedure is done with OTA on mount and system balanced?

-Will the problem with the PARK positions have an impact on using PARK 1 and PARK3 for the gear mesh adjustment?

-Can the procedure be started from PARK 3

-Is there an alternate way to do gear mesh without using the PARK positions?

-I CAN use the handpad for the 1200, just plug it in and it will work?

-Assuming I have a helper, is it necessary to allow the mount to run at 64x with the handpad unplugged or can they just hold the button down, keeping the motor moving?

-For DEC adjustment, does the mount need to start in PARK3?

-ASCOM driver will "see" the 1600?




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Vega, the brightest one, is now dropping towards the west.  Can it be half

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Antares blinks a sad farwell to fall...

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