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I used CCDSoft5 for years with my AP900GTO CP2. You can guide old-school with a guider cable and use relays. Despite the concerns voiced about Pulseguide, it works fine with the CP2 box and the ASCOM driver. Then you don't need a separate cable. BUT, I don't think with Pulseguide (and no cable) that you can push the mount around with those four direction buttons.


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Hi Bob
  interesting, how does CCDsoft communicate with the AP1200 mount, if it is not using the ST-4 interface on the mount? If I remember right there is no setup for a mount in the setup dialog? It is an OLD version of CCDSoft - like about 10 years old or more. I remember a setup for focusers, and filterwheels, but no setup for mount. We use a ST-9 camera and the only way the buttons work in CCDsoft is if we have the ST-4 autoguider cable hooked from the camera to the mount's ST-4 port. Just curious, will poke around the software next time I am out at the observatory.
Daniel Marcus

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Hi all,
I searched some other emails on the APGTO forum and discovered I do not need a relay box to use CCDsoft.
I removed the gearbox covers and found there is gear movement but it’s very subtle during auto guide.

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