Re: Polar position changing in RAPAS

Len Fulham

Suresh et al,

“ step 2 make sure the star Polaris moves on the NS line

This is only expected to be true if the mount is truly level as the ALT adjustment is at right angles to the mount base and will tilt to the same degree that the mount is out of level. You need to find vertical some other way.

Most people can notice something which is out of level by 2 degrees and even cheap bubble levels are good to about a tenth degree which is better than the precision with which you can position the star in the RAPAS - so always locate your mount with the same degree of level - so long as it is repeatable with a cheap level - does not even have to be truly level - then set the N-S RAPAS axis vertical and fix it.

After I PA my Mach 1 with the PAPAS, I remove it and have never put it back on to check later - polar alignment has been good.



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