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Ray, by 'callilng up a session', means I'm opening PemPro to use it initially. The Ap1100GTO session is already defined on the main window, but it still calls up the first window I described below, and despite my completing it again and again (humouring it, because the software already has AP1100GTO), it wants me to complete the information again, so I put in AP1100GT again, it takes it, then gives me the same open window and won't allow me past it no matter how many times I complete it. Ultimately, I can't use PemPro, that window is in the way and won't let me proceed no matter what I put in it. 


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HI Steve,

> I like PemPro used it many times. All of a sudden, now, every time I call
up a
> session,

Can you be more specific about "call up a session? By that do you mean
loading a log file?

Also, do you have any mounts defined? If not, the Mount Wizard prompt may
keep popping up to ask you. In that case just define one.

-Ray Gralak
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> Ray,
> I like PemPro used it many times. All of a sudden, now, every time I call
up a
> session, before I can get a keystroke in edge-wise, the Mount Quick Step
> (Step 1) comes up and won't go away until I 'satisfy' it with details.
Then as soon
> as I press "Finish", the same empty window comes back again for the same
> routine. Bottom line is I can't get into PemPro to use it. What you think?
> Steve

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