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Mike et al - another thought is that the Timezone offset may have the wrong sign. This happened to me (different software) and it was crazy-making. Everything looked right except for the absent tiny little '-' in front of the 5 in my timezone offset. 


On Sat, Jan 2, 2016 at 10:51 AM, Mike C mike@... [ap-gto] <ap-gto@...> wrote:

My Friday night imaging was spoiled by this same issue.... I'm glad I was in the observatory and caught it before the scope slammed into the pier.

I sat out there for quite a while trying to get (my AP1200) to sync to Capella and then slew to a extremely nearby focus star. Every time it wanted to slew the scope under the pier. I sync'd and recal'd repeatedly with the CW shaft very clearly pointed downwards.

I sat and thought.... obviously... the mount thinks it is the wrong time. But where in APCC can I check the actual time, timezone and DST setting within the mount itself? I am not talking about what the APCC site says it _should_ be set to, I mean, what it _is_ set to? I did not see this anywhere.

On Fri, Jan 1, 2016 at 10:07 PM, Don Anderson jockey_ca@... [ap-gto] <ap-gto@...> wrote:

That type of behavior is probably due to the wrong date/time/location info being sent to the servo controller. Somehow you are telling the servo that the CW is the scope and the scope is the CW. Some things to check: Is the N/S switch set in the correct position. Is the keypad is set to the correct "Auto connect" setting. If you are having trouble resuming from Park 1, try setting up in Park 3 then tell the hand controller to resume from park 3. Move and center the scope on a known object and do a RECAL do not use sync.
Don Anderson

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Hi Paul, 

I am having a very similar if not the exact same problem. I have a Mach1GTO that is about 9 months old. I have to tear down and setup for each imaging session. Tonight I set the mount in park 1 and then resumed from park 1 after applying power. I then told the mount to slew to Capella and it started slewing in the wrong directions bringing the weights up. I stopped the slew and redid my usual starting procedure thinking this was a glitch but got the same result. Giving up on this I pointed the scope at Capella and used the sync function. But my gotos are now acting really strange. It is also suspicious my problems are happening on 1/1/16. As it is getting cold, I went inside to see if others wer e experiencing similar issues and yours was the first post I saw.

Like you I am thinking I must have done something stupid. I am going to go through my settings to see what I can find. But I will be watching to see if others are seeing this issue.
Andrew Barton 

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Hi all,

This just started to happen this morning (1/1/16). I store the mount in the park 1 position after use. This morning I started the mount up like i have dozens of t ime before and asked it to go to Jupiter (in the east). The mount started to slew like Jupiter was in the west instead of in the east. Since it was cold I just pointed the scope at Jupiter and did my imaging. I manually set the scope in the part 1 position and leveled everything and turned it off. Tonight I went out to see what I could do about it. I started up the mount and asked it to go to M45 (again in the east) and it slewed towards the west and almost hit the pedestal when I stopped it. I pointed the scope at M45 and verified the object's location. Then (and here is where it gets weird). I asked the mount to go to park 1 and it did exactly that, except the scope ended up on the EAST side of the pedestal instead of the WEST side. I checked and double checked all the values for date, time lat and long which were all correct. Still wants to park with the scope on the east side (pointing north as expected). I re-entered all the values, still no affect. The mount locates objects ju st fine but no where in the manual does it indicate that this is a normal park position. I'm sure I am doing something wrong so please be kind with me. **smile**

The keypad has firmware version 4.17 and in fact I had recently gotten it back after being repaired. 

Any ideas?

Paul Maxson

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