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jim runsdorf

On Fri, 7 Apr 2000, Jeffrey D. Gortatowsky wrote:

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I know exactly what you mean: my 400 arrived a couple of days ago.
I put my deposit down in January. I was told then May-June time frame. I
hope to get it before RTMC so Derek can come by and show me all the tricks
and tips. (Or anyone else who is coming to RTMC is welcome as well!)
I had a quick turn around time: I put down my deposit at the end
of January and was told to expect delivery some time in March. The mount
was indeed shipped at the end of March and arrived Tuesday of this week.

My current laptop, like yours, has too puny a brain to deal with DSV.
Mine is a Dell 266mhz PII with 64meg. That should be enough, yes?
Yes, I think so. I have a geriatric IBM Thinkpad that was state
of the art in 1992 but now probably belongs in the Smithsonian. :-)

Clear skies,

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