Re: Azimuth adjustment?

Roland Christen

These two screws actually act as clutch adjustment for the rotating pier adapter. tighten them, and they lock the pier adapter in place, loosen them and they allow rotation of the pier adapter - azimuth adjuster.
If your mount is in a fixed location, you really only do it once, and then you can tighten the two screws and never worry about it again. If you are mobile and set up and tear down a lot, then simply leave them somewhat loose. That way you can adjust the azimuth each time and not have to fight the tightness of these clutch screws.

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Bless you!  It is fixed. What I did was loosen both screws, Then tighten each separately until I just started to feel resistance in the knobs. I'd still likr to know the proper adjustment procedure for it?

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Hi Bill,

I was waiting with baited breath to see what the 'official' reply was on this. I just set up my own AP1100 a month ago and had the same problem you describe. I was quite afraid of turning them too hard so as not to break anything.

There's nothing clear in the book, oh, there's a short sentence which you have to read very carefully to get the idea, but finally I got proactive about it, and just tried it out (a friend who owns a bigger mount told me never to touch those screws, but it made sense to try it out). Then I wrote to George at Ap to get his blessings. I have a feeling this is a delicate point somewhere at the AP offices, don't know (they know a lot of stuff, don't worry). He was somewhat surprised either of them required adjustment because he said they were adjusted at the factory before shipping. I suspect temperature differences are the cause of the discrepancy, don't know.

Anyway, the cure: There are two recessed allen key screws on the base, have a look, they point inward, you can't miss them, only two. Move one of them in the c/cw position (un-screw) a very very very very little bit until you feel that nice smooth buttery tension they talk about on the azimuth adjusters. Just do one at a time, they both might not need any adjustment, and for heaven sake don't move it one millimetre more than you have to - its bum might fall off.  ;-_)))

Have fun, I hope you enjoy the mount as much as I do. They've done the hobby and the profession a real treat in making something that works as a mount is supposed to work.

Clear skies,

Steve E

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I'm new to AP mounts and had a question about a new mount. When trying out the azimuth adjustment, I found the adjusters much harder to turn than expected. This being when they are actually pushing against the center block. They will adjust, but they take a very firm grip to turn. At first I thought they were locked and didn't want to force them, but not finding anything about lock downs in the manual, I tried again with more force, and they do work. But, I wouldn't call them buttery smooth like the altitude adjustment

This being my first day of ownership, I'm not sure if what I'm experiencing is normal, and thought I would ask. I was thing perhaps this adjustment is tight to keep the mount base from being sloppy?

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