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jim runsdorf


I know exactly what you mean: my 400 arrived a couple of days ago.
I've just been fooling around with it indoors, but I hope to take it on
its first real test spin very soon. This is my first equatorial mount, so
it's taken a little getting used to, but I've been surprised at how
intuitive it is...thus far. My current laptop, like yours, has too puny a
brain to deal with DSV. That's OK, though. There's still a lot of fun to
be had before IRS sends me my refund and I can go computer shopping. I
look forward to future discussions of how these little beauties are doing
in the field.

Clear skies,


On Fri, 7 Apr 2000, Paul Wilson wrote:

...getting my new AP 400 GTO mount! It's now off the UPS truck, out
of the boxes and ready to "go" ;-)

DSV will have to wait for the acquisition of a more powerful laptop,
but I expect to give the mount a pretty good workout with the hand
controller, assuming that the clear skies I see now hold out until

I've read in this group about the forthcoming updates to DSV and the
controller software. I'm sure the improvements to DSV will be
obvious, but what kind of changes are in store for the controller?
Bug fixes, enhancements, or both?

Oh well, back to that controller manual... :-)


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