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Harley Davidson

The download page is:

Go down to the Mach1GTO section to download the PDF's.


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AP mounts come with tons of documentation (unlike all other mounts) so you probably will have more than enough information to get going. In fact I would say to download the manuals right now and start going through them so you will be ready when your new Mach1 arrives.
And if you have any questions, we are here to help.
How do you plan to use your new mount?
Did you get the RAPAS or the PASILL4?
What OTA are you going to put on it?
Did you get the AP hand controller?
What kind of pier or tripod did you decide to go with?

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I will be a new AP Mach1GTO owner come sometime in Jan. or Feb., and I was wondering if this group has any information or documents on getting started and setup with the mount, aside from the supplied documentation that AP provides?If this type of support documentation existswithin this group,please point me in that direction, and I thank the members of this group in advance for this help.

Thanks !

Len A.

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