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Joe, that is cool - I will look into this. Thanks!


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    Something else you should check is your PC BIOS. Found this comment about slower than expected  SSD transfers. Should be equally true for USB-2 ports, like external hubs  on the PC:

    If you still have the problem with slow speeds on Toshiba's USB 3.0 port(s) (in my case), just disable USB Legacy Emulation in BIOS. Even if the USB 3.0 controller is enabled in BIOS, the user always will get maximum 33-34MB/s against 77-85MB/s when legacy mode is off.    This solution probably will work on other brands with USB legacy devices support in their BIOS

    There are suggestions about determining the USB type that a port is working on – whether it has throttled down perhaps – but no obvious software benchmark to calculate the actual “throughput” on an assigned USB I/O port. Those, as from PASSMARK, require an expensive loopback plug device, and only test the port capability, but not actual total throughput, coming in from a mix of devices (hub population). It would be nice to have a utility that can “watch a USB port”, and graph its activity. Then it would give us some idea if, or when, our device mix on a hub,  is just too unbalanced. Getting errors or lost frames from some device isn’t enough. Getting some idea of the frame error rate would also be valuable. Then there would be no surprises from the telescope USB device farm.

    Typical tests are limited to USB Storage Devices, and calculated predetermined file size transfers.
Still searching

Joe Z.


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