Re: CP4 power connector

Michael Turner


When I first got started with Anderson Powerpoles, I ordered the following
from Mountain West Radio ( as a starter
kit. Notice the RigRunner DC power distribution box...

1 58257-1093 15A. Powerpole Connector Pack - 12 Pair $12.95 $12.95
1 58568-1049 PWRcrimp Crimp Tool $39.95 $39.95 (this crimper is critical to
the whole process)
1 58312-1040 RIGrunner 4005 Horizontal Complete $84.95 $84.95
58312-1041 RIGrunner 4005 Horizontal
58531-1080 Power Supply Cable, 6 ft.
58300-1320 30A. Powerpole Connector Pack - 6 Pair

I have since switched to Power Werx
( for all of my power pole
related products.
I have added power poles and new power cables to my observatory setup, as
well as my mobile setups. I also use a RIGrunner 4005 Horizontal on my
battery setups.


At 06:51 AM 11/5/2015, you wrote:

Further to Brian's question about the CP4 power connector, I am also going
to be ordering up some connectors, and wiring a new pier. I recall
reading that Anderson Powerpoles will be used on the other end of the
power cable -- which size of Powerpoles was chosen? I haven't used them
before and am trying to figure out the different variants.

Thanks, Gary Billings

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