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Hi Marg,

So, if I want the CP4 for my mount, what is the total intro cost, including whatever other parts, like cables, that I would need? (shipping would be only postage to San Diego).

Steven Elliott

New Zealand

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To all,

First good news!

For a limited time only, you can purchase one of our mounts for a reduced price (-$500 !!) with a CP3. You would also be eligible for an attractive upgrade price to a CP4, if you want to upgrade . Or you can pocket the $500 savings. The GTOCP3 will serve you well for many years and will continue to be supported.


In reality, the way the pricing is set up, if you upgrade to the CP4, you would be purchasing two control boxes for the price of one!!!


Second good news!

The Keypad is now OPTIONAL and will remain so. Some of you have expressed that you don’t need the Keypad because you control your mount by computer and others have multiple mounts, but only use one at a time and one Keypad is enough.  So, we have changed our pricing structure which reduces the price of each mount by other $1,060 !!!


Check out the information at this link and then go to each mount page for additional information.


Mach1GTO:  Late November

1100GTO:  1-2 weeks

1600GTO: in stock


This promotion does NOT apply to mounts with Absolute Encoders. We encourage those customers to wait until the GTOCP4. There will be additional cost savings for you because we will eliminate the second control box and some extra cables. We will have more information for you shortly.  


Clear Skies,


Marj Christen

Astro-Physics, Inc

11250 Forest Hills Rd

Machesney Park, IL 61115

Phone: 815-282-1513

Fax: 815-282-9847


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